Automatic to 5 Speed

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Anyone know the list of tings I need for a manual conversion? I shopped around at placess, and I can get it done for 500 if I have most of the parts. Thanks!
Thank you sir!

*EDIT* I probably should have looked at the site before I thanked you, as that was little help...I need a list, not a how-to, I don't plan on doing it myself *EDIT*
auto to manual swap

i just did a auto manual need the manual trans,flywheel,clutch kit,shift linkages,shifter,a computer from a manual car,clutch cable,manual trans mounts every mount except the one on the drivers side and a manual pedal tree....when you take your center console out there will be a white rectangular box with plugs goin to it when you hold it by the wires at the bottom there will be a thing inside that slides make sure that is slid all the way to the top and stick somethin in there to where it dont move if youd like i will show you pics of my auto to manual swap tomorrow....i had no idea how do do this when i bought my car...i will warn you the pedal swap is a bitch i got very irritated...good luck if you need anymore info hit me up