aXis Haens

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heyy everyone, i just registered and wanted to know how much the weight 19" aXis Hagens are... and will there be a problem fitting them on a 5th gen. lude? thnx...
theyre around 26lbs ... they should fit ... company says they specialize in 19s for imports .... but why??? theyre heavy as hell and anything that big/heavy is gunna kill your take off... perhaps you havent noticed but hondas arent exactly famous for gut wrenching torque... those rims will slow you down more than the i/h/e you have planned will help you
you got a point but i plan to boost it in the future and have other mods too....i just wanna have a lot of go but still get some show, and the Hagens look great on the lude....anyways when i go to the track im goin to have slicks so it doesn't really matter if it slows be down something in the least it'll still look good...thnx