B-16a(sirii)or H22

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Hey everyone, thanks for the info u gave me before. Now my question is do i want to get a b-16a(sir II), or a h22. i have a 95 civic hatchback. Ive heard that the h22 makes ur car handle like crap.
depends what your application... if you wanna straight line drag race then go ahead with a h22, what it does is give alot of extra added weight on your front end and gives you a shitload of understeer.. take your fattest friend and drive around down with him strapped to the hood... and when it comes to b16's they aren't bad at all, i had one in a rex before with alot of work put into it but when it was all said and done i got a bigger thrill riding in a LS teg.... you might wanna look into a b18b swap also
Well your doing a big jump even comparing the two. The b16 is a high reving engine that has alot of hp but is KINDA (so i dont get flamed by the b16 users) lacking trq. This engine swap is one of the most easyiest and comman and no mounts are needed. The H22 is an engine for those wanting pure #'s for the strip. Yes it does cause some understeer but this can be reduced with good suspention. This swap is much harder, costly, and is much better in larger cars like the accord. You will need a special mount kit also.
Originally posted by prawjEKt Cx@Jan 7 2003, 08:15 PM
take your fattest friend and drive around down with him strapped to the hood

It's only 70 extra pounds.
Originally posted by asmallsol@Jan 7 2003, 07:18 PM
The b16 is a high reving engine that has alot of hp but is KINDA (so i dont get flamed by the b16 users) lacking trq.

Right, you get a CF hood and there's a little more. There are more things that can be done too. It's not as much of an issue as some people make it out to be.
But I think that it is a bigger issue than you make it out to be. Hondas are already biased towards the front in weight distrobution, installing an H22A upsets that even further so now you are moving stuff to the trunk just to retain your factory weight split. And then there is the issue that everyone glosses over. You have to drop your nice solid linkage shifter for a cable shifter. :thumbdown: Personally I think the B16 is not the greatest choice either. Go with a good compromise, get a B18C1. More torque than the B16, while it has less than the H22A it also weighs 60 to 70 pounds less. And you get to kepp a solid link shifter.
I notice a huge difference when I drive your car. Next time you are down you should drive mine agian, I think that you would notice a difference. The cable shifters feel like they have more play in them to me.
I've noticed some play once the car is in gear (it moves around a little bit) but that's it.

Speaking of shifters, next time we have the opportunity to do some car work, we should get around to cutting my big-ass stick down a good two inches.
Originally posted by paragus@Jan 8 2003, 03:01 PM
exactly .. its not like strapping your fattest friend... its like strapping a child on your hood.

ha ha :lol:

but it is more than 70 lbs from the stock engine, on del Sols, the weight diffrance between the si and the VTEC is about 85 lbs. Then add 70 lbs more for the h22 and your about 160 more than your stock engine.
the issue isnt really how much more it weighs... it has a lot to do with it, but the bigger factor is that it sits compleatly different in the bay... so now you have more weight in a different position and located even further in front of the axles, so now this is where you start developing "plow"... if the issue was simply weight you could compleatly fix it with simple things like relocating the battery (this is against the firewall and will not help the fact that there is too much weight in front of the axles) or replacing the hood with a CF one (again this will make the over all front of the car lighter, BUT it removes very little weight from in front of the axles... now if you were to remove the AC/PS this would help the weight distribution, as would removing the front bumper support (this is not a safe way to reduce weight in a street vehicle)...... even if you are able to remove the difference in weight from in front of the axles you still have to deal with an engine that leans the wrong way in the bay, and will still require special attention to the suspension to handle well under normal driving and most likely still will not handle hard turns without more understeer than a usual FF vehicle

an H22 Civic will be perfectly fine for regular driving and excelent at drag, i highly recomend this setup to anyone not overly concerned with cornering..... but if you are interested in compeating in autoX / road course you will have a terrible time getting the car through turns smoothly at competitive speeds