B16 Pr3 Intake Manifold

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88 C1V1C 53D4N DR1V3R
i just bought a pr3 intake manifold to be used in a swap, but there is a black oily residue all over the inside of it. it really has me puzzled as to what could have caused this and how i can get it out. i don't want to run this intake with all the crap inside of it but don't know how to get it out. if any body knows what could've caused this i would like to know also if anyone knows how to get it out, please help. its all over the backside of the Throttle body too. :angry:
It's just blow-by residue.Some people install catch cans to collect it,but those are usually for turbo set ups.
check the PCV valve, its in between runner two and three i believe, if you take it out, you should only be able to blow air through it one way, if not then its bad, and thats probs where the residue your talking about came from.
A simple solution to this is a couple of cheap paint brushes(multiple sizes) and some lauqer thinner.($10 tops)
Strip the manifold bear and use the thinner with the brushes to clean it out until its all gone. Then blow out any remaining liquid with a coppressor. Wallah...Good as New!