b16 rods

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does anyone know if b16 rods will work in a D15?...I know that early ZC's will
but I noticed that the D15 and B16 have the same size rods..and of course the B16's are stronger than the D15....just a thought
C-to-C Length B.E. Bore B.E. Width Pin Dia Pin Width

Honda Civic 1.5 SOHC (D15 1992-95)
5.279" 1.772" 0.897" 0.748" (19mm) 0.710"

Honda 1.6 SOHC (D16 series 1988-up)
5.394" 1.890" 0.892" 0.748" (19mm) 0.716"

Honda 1.6 VTEC DOHC (B16A 1992-up)
5.290" 1.890" 0.935" 0.827" (21mm) 0.900"

This is from Crower - what is supposed to be the same?? :blink:
just so you know...the b16a2 rods are134mm long as are the d15b7.as listed by AEM..I didnt imply that everything about them were the same...also..Crower isn't Honda...just looking at options....as you didn't know, I'm boosting a D15 and am looking to build a spare D15...the weakest link of the D15 is it's rods and rod bolts, and was looking at upgrade options...I know who makes what rods...so a list isn't necessary
you are right, crower isn't honda, but those are honda sizes, is that not what you wanted?
I was only looking to see if it worked, AEM and Honda both list that the b16 and the d15 have the same length rods. As frankin' motors are geting more and more popular...I've heard of a lude crank in a civic,I wanted to be different(as if turbo'in a D15 isn't) So, I was adding a "thought"...read the last sentence of first post...just in case there was a slim chance that others had a similar question
Thanks Brian, thats all I wanted was a yes or no. Besides crower ;) , what rods does everyone recomend on a force fed D15?
Eagle doesn't make 1.5L rods.. Maybe Probe, Crower's "sportsman" rod set? They're pretty affordable, if they make the size you need.