b16a integra

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k, i am putting a b16a into my 2nd gen integra, because my LS motor blew, and the b16a only cost me 400 bucks...but i was wondering, what kind of things can i do to get back the torque loss that will come with the displacement loss? i mean besides stroking the engine or whatevers...what kind of "bolt ons" can i add?
a 4-2-1 header will give you a little more low end ... other than that ... save up a few hundred for a new LS block and "bolt on" that to your b16 head and trany :)
a clutch you are gonna need a clutch stage two or three and a good exhaust will help but that car hauls A$$ trust me :ph34r:
actually you can get the J1 tranny and it has shorter gears and allows you to stay in vtec throughout the gears
You stay in VTEC through all the Gears with an LS tranny and a GSR brain. With the J1 you stay in the power band.
yeah you are right but the fuel mapping is incorrect because it is for a 1.8 and he is going with a 1.6 which in time would float the piston rings
I think the fuel mapping is actually a little better on the GSR ECU. I had a choice between a 95 Del Sol VTEC ECU and a 94 GSR ECU and everyone I talked to said the fuel and ignition maps are more aggressive with the GSR.