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Originally posted by chet@Dec 14 2002, 03:08 PM
afipunk, i wouldn't put that nitrous kit in a ford taurus.

why, goes perfect together--Piece of shit part into piece of shit car.
Actually, 180, the reason that Hondas don't come turbocharged isn't really a reliability factor. If so, light GReddy turbo kits running 6 psi or so wouldn't have the longevity in Honda engines that they do. It's all about ECONOMY. Hondas are made to be very long lasting, reliable, economical cars. Adding a turbo means adding higher flowing injectors with longer duty cycles and taller cam profiles, which means more fuel being burnt, which means lower fuel economy. Honda has the economy car market in a corner, and the majority of Honda owners are not performance-oriented. So it is only natural that they would look for the lowest possible power ratings with the least amount of fuel used in order to make a more economical engine.
this guy is an idiot ... dont waste your time on him