B16a2 Into 93 Civic Hatch?

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25EXY-5th gen civic

Junior Member
In Australia theres laws bout what engines u can swap ect, the engine u put in must be the same age as the car or more recent sooo, my current d15b is getting the boot in place for a front cut i sourced from a 96 model crx. Will it be a easy drop in orwill i have problemsand also is it hard to change drum brakes to disks? what is required in doing this?
As far as the motor fitting yes it is very easy.You need:
b16 motor and tranny
b16 axles and halfshaft
b16 mounts
b16 ecu
shift linkage from a B series teg or civic (delsols aka 96 rex is different shape and length)
and you may need the rear bracket,but I am always unsure which one you need.
As far as the rear drum to disc conversion it is a straight forward R&R as long as you have all the parts to include the e-brake cables and eveything from the trailing arms to the hubs.