B16's Time Trial Road Racing Del Sol Overhaul Thread!!!


It didn't appear to be too short, maybe 1/4"? It was hard to tell because the length can change on them by compressing them and the old one had a tear in the boot and lost grease making it move easier than the other.

I'm guessing more likely it was the set ring itself, or the location of the set ring not fully seating in the diff.

Either way, problem solved. :)

great to hear you got everything sorted out!!! especially after all the trouble its given you...


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Mike, FYI, when measuring axle lengths, youre supposed to stand it on the end and compress the CVs all the way to the minimum length, basically push down on it like a plunger and measure the length. it takes any CV variance out of the picture.


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Some video from the weekend.

My fast lap of a 1:46.5 (still about 3 seconds off the leader. :( ). And a spin in turn 4 from having improper tire pressures in the rear.
Laguna Seca NASA TTB 07/13 - YouTube

What a fun track! I started to get a feel for it on the 2nd day. Had my best time DQ'd because I was 15lbs underweight (should have filled my fuel tank before heading out, I would have made weight then). Then got DQ'd for the session with the spin. Oh well, still had a great time, the corkscrew is a freakin blast! :)

I also managed to break something in the transmission. It wont stay in 5th gear and I cannot get into reverse at all, complete lock out. Good thing I really didn't need either gears for the weekend. :p


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Small update.

So after that Laguna event, I went to take the car off the trailer and drive it to the side of the house when I decided to take it for a little spin around the neighborhood. I get about 2 blocks away from the trailer at a stop light, the car jumps then dies. Tried to start again to no avail. I had to push it out of the intersection and walk to my house. Got my buddy to soft tow me back to my house and parked it. The car has been sitting since, didn't even look into it because I was pissed at the car (plus work and life taking my free time).

So this last weekend I decide to look at it again, figure I'll check the spark plugs. I pull them out and they look a little dark but should still be ok. I'm putting them back in when I notice #3 just spins when I'm trying to tighten it down. I'm thinking fuck, I stripped the head!? So I back it out and find this.. LOL.. POS NGK Iridiums!

So ok I go buy new plugs, put them in, still no start... I'm starting to guess my ICM died because that is quite common. So last night I decide to pull the dizzy to check things out when low and behold...

I see this mess! Seems the set screw backed out and destroyed the cap and rotor! My poor ignition system! lol.

As you can see I have a small oil leak inside the diz as well; considering picking up a newer used one..

What was weird was my timing light was still firing when testing before I removed anything. I don't know how anything was working. lol.


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lol wow... bit of a mess ya got there... gotta agree, not sure how it was working at all


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Kinda sorta phuked up.... :)

Happened to me once on the fwy in town. Going about 75 when it started sputtering and backfiring down to about 45 when I pushed the clutch in and it quit. Probably screwed up and forgot to tighten screw.
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I got stranded by the old distributor rotor screw coming undone twice.

Atleast its an easy fix.


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Fucking shit this just gets better and better... lol...

So after replacing my cap and rotor, and disassembling the entire distributor and cleaning it out, putting in a new internal seal since some oil was in there, getting it all back together the car still wouldn't fucking start. So I thought, shit maybe I put the receiver on the shaft 180 degrees out? So I put the crank at TDC and go to check the dist to make sure the rotor is pointed at #1, but I notice something about my cam gears when my crank is at TDC...


So looks like the crank skipped a few teeth. Could the rotor screw really have jammed that hard to cause the crank to skip on the belt that much?

So I fix the cam timing, check compression to make sure no bent valves and get 250psi across the board.. thank god! Then fired her up and it started right away. Motherfucker.. :)

I let her run for about 15 minutes since the poor car hadn't been started since July. lol.

Now to get her in the garage to drop the trans and get 5th and R fixed so I can try and make this upcoming March 14th event.