B18 LS VTEC Swap Info

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New Member
Well I new to honda and i have a Civic ej6 hatch and i am planning to do a b18 swap. What is needed for the swap and will it be able to pass state inspection and emission test?
Inspection doesnt have much to do with your engine. Emissions does raise a problem though. If your obd1 like I think you are and switch to say obd2 you will fail emissions every single time. This is because when you bring in you car they will say ok its an obd1 car put do the test on a obd1 car and if you have a obd2 car it will fail. So make sure you get emissions done the day before you do the swap just to make sure.
and what is needed for a h22 swap i know it needs mount but what else will it need and is there a way i can do the swap to pass emission test
h22 is a hard swap might want to catch up on some reading