B18b Into 93 Civic Dx

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hey everyone,
just wanted to know everyones opinion on this matter. i found a jdm b18b ls engine that i can get (complete swap besides the tranny and ecu) for $675, $875 shipped freight to me. it has under 35k. i just want to know what u guys think of the idea. eventually i'd like a b-series engine with rebuilt valve train and ttttturbo'd (i stutter when i say it :D ) in my 93 civic dx sleeper. thanks for any help guys.
Sounds decent,make sure it is a COMPLETE swap,axles,ecu intermediate shaft,shiftlinkage,mounts.While you can pick up all this stuff very easily,the prices can add up quick too.Also the is a big debate here about ls vs vtec for turbo ls vs vtec check it out you may decide to keep what you get or not.