B18b LS automatic into D15 DX automatic EG.

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Well, people, I've already been searching and posted about swapping my B18b and 5 speed into my automatic EG hatch, but I'm running out of time and might not have enough money, so I'm considering saving the 5 speed swap for when I have more time and money and going with the B18 automatic tranny that I have, instead.
The B18b motor was recently pulled from an EG, so it's ready to drop in.

I just need some guidance about putting the LS automatic tranny into my DX automatic EG.

I will continue to research, but any HELP, INFO and LINKS would be greatly appreciated!
PLEASE, keep comments about using a "crappy automatic" to yourself. It's what I have, RIGHT NOW and may be all I can afford to do.

Here's what I already have.....

My car-
-1993 Civic DX hatch that came with an automatic and a/c.

-1999 Integra LS B18b motor, complete and freshly rebuilt
-Motor was recently pulled from an EG hatch (but, that EG had a 5 speed, originally), so everything that needed to be done to it or it's attached components has been done.

- 1995 LS automatic

-I also have a wrecked 1995 Acura Integra LS automatic, complete with engine, trans, a/c, axles, ECU, etc. that I can pull any parts I need from.

Please help!
I'm out of work and broke and need this car running and reliable, in about two weeks, or I'm going to miss out on a great job opportunity!

Any little bit you can offer will be GREATLY appreciated!
Thank you, in advance, for your time and help!
the ls auto WILL not work, i've got the same in the b16 car i bought. it only has 2 and 4th with reverse, and it DOES NOT shift on it's own. since the 94 and up are tcm controlled. i have a 92-93 jdm teg auto to go in it's place. it's not tcm controlled and is obd1. good luck and sorry for the late reply.