B18B swap in a 92- 95 civic hatch

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I am just wondering where can I get a swap for my car? are there any stores that sell complete swaps? or just where i can find a motor and tranny. Is it any harder then a b16a swap? cause i hear all this stuff about throttle cabels and other cables not fitting, whats that about? Thanks for the help Brent,
B series are easy.You can do a search to find a shop.Or just read through the threads.B18b is no harder than a b16a2
what r the prices for a b18b swap from them? and if i live in missouri how r they sposed to put it in for me? its a 5 speed and whats the trans that come with them, hydro or cable? ive heard alot about the cluth linkage not working together. thanks for the help
Both are hydraulic,the 94-95 is obdI and the 96-00 is obdII.Prices I would imagine are going to vary by as many years as they were made.I'm not sure what a good base price is for one.The install isn't that hard if you want to have a go at it yourself.
one last question, for my car what year integras with the LS motor will fit my car. just 90-93 or just all LS's? thanks
They will all fit your car,just gotta worry about clutch and obd.
9216, why do i have to worry about the clutch? and im new to the swap talk but wut in the heck is OBD?
on board diagnostics. read our article on it in the articles setion.

clutch is actuated 1 of 2 ways- with a cable (old style pre 93 moslty) o hydrolic fluid (94+ )
basically, the one that your car was designed for will go right in. the othr will need to be converted, and a mount swapped.
ok, thanks, my next question is about the motor swap, if you go to jpecauto.com they have a JDM LS swap. Is there any diffrence bettwen the USDM & the JDM? and has anyone got a motor from them befor? if you go and look at it, besides what they list theyll give me wut else would i need to make it work? cause im tryin to see ruffly how much i need to save for this project. thanks again guys
jdm usdm the result id the same,jdm will come with a RHD harness,but as far as the differences in the motor,they are neglegable.Just be sure to get the same obd I and hydraulic clutch and you will be good to go.
i got my motor from Import Auto Salvage. Really nice guys there (B-Fast, ask for Randy). I got my B18B1 1994 Acura LS motor with transmission, shift linkage, exhaust manifold (no B-pipe, though, so I had to get a header.... which I would recommend anyhow), alternator, starter, ECU, all wiring for $2K USD. :D They are in North Carolina, only 3 hours from where I live, but I'm sure they'll ship. You should call them (toll free) and ask what kinda stuff they have. My only problem was they were sketchy on giving directions to their own place (seemingly just totally unaware :blink: of their surroundings) and they didn't give me the B-pipe (a.k.a. "down pipe".... from the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter). Be sure to budget for exhaust, cold air intake (the $200 kind), exhaust (2¼ pipe, tune-able muffler, and high-flow catalytic converter, IMHO), new ground wires, new spark plugs, new O2 sensor..... that's with pretty much most of the swaps, so I've heard.

Hope I'm not too off the mark, here.
All fluids and filters also,waterpump,timing belt just to be safe.It's better to cough up the little extra in the beginning than have to do it because some thing is wrong later.If your feeling really generous to yourself then you might even think about replacing the clutch while it's out,no telling what wear was put on it by the previous owner.
Hey, thanks alot guys, Now's time to start eating nothing but can beans for dinner and save dat cash!
i have a 92 vx hatchback, with a 94 integra ls b18b in it.. it is an absolutely bolt-in swap, same mounts, same harness, everything... the under0hood tub in the 92-95 civics is identical to the integra... i would sell my ls....

94 b18b
airmass header
cheap intake
tranny, linkages, axles, ecu, every single part you need
all new belts, hoses
new timing belt
centerforce stage III clutch
hey EG , u say the electrical(harness,ecu ect.) is all the same? so i wouldnt have to do any splicing? and how long did it take you to do it?
ohhh and EG, where did you get your swap? cause i just tryed jspecauto.com and the site has changed and now according to there site they dont sell the conversion any more. so i need to find some places where they sell one. help!