B18c5. stroker or stock?

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I recently swapped a b18c5 into my eg hatch. I spun a bearing and fried my crank and now can’t decide if I should go stroker or just get a new c5 crank. I know if I go stroker I’ll have to delete my oil jets and won’t be able to rev as high which are not preferable. But I’ll gain quite a bit of torque and power. Should I go stroker or stay stock? If I go stroker what crank should I go with? B20? LS? do I have to get new pistons along with rods? Please help I’m new to Honda’s.
If you daily this car, I do not suggest a stroked block. I'd just find a new bottom end. If you can find a Type R crank, that might be an option.

If you race it, sky is the limit. If you go the route of a stroked bottom end, I'd make sure you have a machinist and engine builder who know Hondas well.
Agreed, it's a lot of work and complexity and cost for honestly not too much extra gain. yes, you'll get some more lows, but how often are you in the lows? never if you're in it.

If you want to try it, i'd say put your block in the corner of the garage, and pick up an ls or b20 short block and ls-vtec it to test it out. it will be cheap to get one of those and you won't even need to open it up. The cost of rods alone is more most likely.