b2/y8 mini me questions

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New Member
Alright guys I have an 89 ef sedan that I am doing my first mini me swap to, I have a d15b2 bottom end, with a d16y8 head. Ive already done the multipoint swap and it has a crx si tranny, so I figured this is the next step for me.

I am ordering all the stuff that Im going to need for this and here is my first issue.
What head bolts do I need? I've read that I need 9 b2/a6 bolts and 1 y7/y8 bolt... can anyone confirm this?

Here is my second issue, do I have to convert to obd1 to run my vtec? i dont have the funds to do it right now and I was thinking about just running a vtec controller but then I started reading up to on it and I keep seeing that you cant run vtec without a vtec ecu because of fuel issues... I just need some help guys