B20 Crx

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C Penner

Junior Member
Does any one know if a B20 From a 1988 Prelude can accept any VTEC heads and if so does it fit in A CRX with a Hasport kit :rolleyes:
Are you sure I have Read elsewhere on the net that it can be done, would you consider that swap to be A waste then? What about a B21 from A 91' Lude. Can't you swap a B series VTEC head onto any B series block?
If you can.. i think ludespeed.com did something like that, but it will cost you WAY more then swapping something "praticle". I would consider it a waste b/c there is so much easier stuff to get into the car and that have more aftermarket support. Want a 2.0 so much with vtec. Bore a b18 or go cr/vtec. You can ressearch it, but they dont have any/much aftermarket support.