B20b Turbo

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Alright, I've decided to finally build a monstrous turbo civic. I'm about to pick up an 89 CR-X and I want to drop a B20 turbo into it. Don't need details about suspension or any of that crap. This is my first turbo engint that i have built and im not fully knowledgable about them. This is my plan so far:

-b20 block, darton sleeves, micropolished crank, forged rods and pistons (8.5:1 compression), dry sump oil system
-b20 head, port\polish, Type-R intake manifold port\polish, titanim retainers\valves, GS-R springs, oversize throttle body

Things I need to know:
-Is this a good plan to start with?
- What size turbo (intercooled of course) can i run to use all of that low compression without taking forever to spool up? Would a supercharger work better?
-What type of cams should I use (brand?), Who makes a good computer for turbo b-series engines? I dont really want to go hondata, im not really a great tuner yet
-Who makes a good downpipe for this application? waste-gate and blowoff valve? exhaust system (i figure 3-in)?
-Who makes a good dry sump oil system for the b-series (moroso?)

:worthy: BOOST!