B20b Vs B20z

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this question mite sound stupid to most people but it always just makes me wonder, after seeing all the 13 second or faster cars under wit b20 setup always use b20b instead of b20z. Why not use B20z for vtec? isnt it faster? or is there something about b20b is better that i dont know can someone verify this for me? thanks ^_^

The B20B is NOT OBD1... both the B20B and the B20Z are OBD2. Both were manufactured after 1996, and all Honda engines from 1996 on forward were OBD2.

Most of the B20/VTEC guys use the B20B because it's older and cheaper to find. You're going to replace the pistons and head anyway, so why pay more for the exact same block as the B20Z? The two engines are identical except for compression (dictated by the pistons you're tossing) and intake manifold (which you're also getting rid of). The B20B is cheaper and easier to find- that's it.
b20 intake manifolds are useless in civics. they're a "waterfall" design which makes them taller than what will fit under the hood.

b20b's just happen to be more readily available in the united states.