back to the future DeLorean on ebay!

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ahh darn,the one in the movie was a manual trans. but still bad ass
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no 5 speed = epic fail

thats like building a General Lee replica and not painting "01" on the side of it
I used to have that same head unit he has haha.. $50 a wal-mart
did anybody notice the nerd also sells stuff to make your own replica?
A B2F kit is readily available. there are zillions of these Deloreans around.

Also, damned if I know how he even got an Auto in there. according to my research, they all used the same 5 speed trans.
if i remember the early 80s they came with a auto also. the back to the future years they was 5spd only. dont quote me on that
DMC should be paying "back to the future" tons of money.

its the only reason anybody knows what a delorean is.
In BTTF they had a either a 305 or a 350 chevy dropped in to it to make it sound better and to give it more balls. I also read that most of the parts used were serplus arcraft parts and could be purchased from aircraft surplus stores. So some one going for the more authentic look could take both of those factors in to consideration hahaha
Real or not, id still like to have one. According to an article i read the car is actually very well made and designed, but i havent looked too hard into it.
Would be an awesome car to have for certain. And for what it is, they are quite cheap. Cheaper than a new civic.