Bahhh Skunk2

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well... after 8 months of wiggling and shaking and not being tightened, one of my bolts on my skunk2 adjustable cam gears shimmyed itself loose and decided it would be a good idea to fall into the timing belt and get sucked around through the small gear on the crank and shred the belt to shit. luckily it was 1/3 of a mile away from our shop.. so we towed it back behind a truck. i took some pics that i will post tomorrow but i'm too tired now. i should have thought to tighten them while i had the head off.. but it slipped my mind...

i was going very slow at the time, and a leakdown test showed all cylinders still holding air, so let's all hope that no valves got bent... or else i just might have to get ferrea stainless steel ones !! :)

but the gear is fucked, the timing belt is fucked and one of the guides around the gear is fucked....
the timing belt was ordered about 14 minutes after it broke, and arrived at 5 pm ... but the gear needs to get overnighted and will be in on monday.. this came at a shitty time because i have a dyno appt. for tuesday and i just picked up a pocket programmer and emulator board for my hondata system.


thats increadably shitty, but at the same time, when shit fucks up... it opens the door to get better, for intstance i spun a bearing in my h23, look at me, h22a :)
ah, cam gear failure. while i'm not a huge fan of skunk2 cam gears they do work. one method i've seen is replacing all of the bolts with better quality stainless steel bolts...however if they aren't tight it doesn't matter how good the workmanship is...

sorry to hear this adam...we all suffer setback's at one time or another...
lol. did i open the valve cover?? within 15 minutes of this happening i already had the car hoisted, valve cover off, timing belt cover off and was workin on the crank pulley. i'm going to use skunk2 it wasn't their fault.. i just didn't think that they would need to be tightened.. it sucks, but i guess you just need to tighten them occasionally... everyone just take this as a lesson... TIGHTEN YOUR FUCKIN CAM GEARS every time you have the valve cover off
thats a fucked up timing belt!!

see the dents in the gear?

the bastard bolt... sorry bout the quality my camera doesn't take the best super close ups but you can see where the washer is bent.
ouch, that sucks, i have skunk2 gears and have not had them loosen on me. maybe you should cut your valve cover to expose your cam gears, i did, it makes checking them that much eaiser :)
How funny is this? I just had the same thing happen to my skunk2 gears. The shop that installed them didn't tighten the bolts (they assumed that they were tight from the factory). Well, my motor started making this ticking noise and it turns out that I had only 1 adjusting bolt left on the exhaust cam gear, the other 5 had fallen off and cause the exhaust cam to retard 10 degrees. I thought to myself, "what if one of those bolts got caught in my timing belt?" Looks like you found out the hard way. Anyways, I replaced the bolts with high quality ones and used loc-tite when I replaced (and tightened the shit out of) them. The moral: don't assume that cam gear bolts (or any bolts for that matter) are tight from the factory.
that wasn't funny at all.

my car is the one sitting on a hoist right now!! :lol:
either way.. if you dont make sure they are tightened... even toda bolts will wiggle themselves loose after time. so still check em B. especially with all the power you're going to put down
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the dyno appointment is ON!!

woooooooooooooo woooooooooooooooooooooooooo for bubb rubb and lil sis