Ball Bearing Turbo

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Does any company make them for a civic? I'm looking to make 500hp with a h22a or a b16a2.
HKS makes many ball bearing turbos, if u wanted a cheap one good for around 270 hp, find one from a s14 or s15 silvia, but 500 hp is shooting pretty high.
First of all- have you ever driven a 500 hp fwd car? It is too much on the street, it is kinda pointless to want that much power on street tires.

If its for the track, plan on getting some bigass slicks

A t3/60-1 .63 a/r will support 450 whp on the b16, maybe a little more on an h22

You can get the .82 a/r turbine if you want more high end power, but it will spool later.

I got my ball bearing 60-1 for 525 bucks, look around and you will be able to find similar pricing
350-360 approaches the limits of a FWD car on the street. any more, and you will probably only be slower than the 350 horse car.

on the track, its a different story though