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Originally posted by Prowler@Jan 29 2003, 08:03 PM
Nice little spyware you're running there. Why do you think the temp program is free?

yeah... is spying on me! They know I look at cnn's weather forecast instead of their's

OH NO!!!!!!

And thats what ad-aware is for dood :)
The program I use that places temperatures down in the taskbar reads CPU temps- and mine doesn't ever get to zero degrees!
Originally posted by 92CivicCx@Jan 29 2003, 08:07 PM
how do cars work at -30?

I have to start my car about a half an hour before I leave and put the heater on full so that the car is warm by the time I get in. Its quite the pain in the ass at times, especially when there is about a foot of snow that I have to brush off before i can even get in. Sometimes the lock and/or door seals freeze and i have to pour hot antifreeze in the gap around the door and in the locks. My routine after returning home from school often involves breaking off the, sometimes inchs thick, layer of ice that has accumulated all over my front bumper. My windshield has a crack developing in it now because of thermal shock. Salt is spead on the roads to melt the ice. This does nothing at all for the appearance of my car and it also makes steel rust VERY fast. Sliding into ditches and other cars seems to be a huge problem for some people in winter conditions. For Some more then others i.e my friend Jason. Just a few of the agrivations I face every winter when driving.

On a plus side, the extreme cold air charge does result in a noticable gain in performance ( not that it really matters when your driving on ice most of the time ) and a frozen over parking lot is an excelent venue for winter driving fun. i.e doughnuts, hand braking turns and rallyesque cornering. :D ill post some pics if you like
I love living in Southern New Mexico, it was damn near 70 today...
monday when i was up in midland (if any michigan people know where thats at) It was -18 degrees up there. Car started pretty rough, turned over a few times before it actually started (i left my lights on too many times, think it is time for a new battery) Driving, my clutch was slow to return to the nuetral postion, powersteering felt like it was not working and braking was kinda shitty (frost on rotors?) Also my driverside lock was frozen shut and my windsheild washer nozzles were frozen shut. (the fuild is good until -20, guess it is really -17)
welcome to my nightmare.... I replaced at least a dozen frozen batteries last weekend at work and they are usually really hard to freeze.

hint: turn on your lights for a few seconds before you start you car in cold conditions, it activates the electrolyte in the battery and warms it up a bit for a better start!
did not know that, i thought that i should turn all electric stuff off because i needed every last little juice to turn that crankshaft.
man thank heavens i don't have to worry about all that cold weather stuff. I'm worried enough about the CAI suckin up water...but then again, when does it ever flood in CA?
the weather here in phoenix sucks.. its around 50 in the morning, then around 80 in the afternoon, during the winter that is.

summer, well its prolly 90 in the morning and 110+ in the afternoon.
Originally posted by theguy1224@Jan 29 2003, 11:02 PM
well, thank god we only have one more month until the nice weather comes back...

not in ND, I think back in 97 we got like 6 feet of snow in 5 days in the middle of April. I think I have the only B20VTEC in the world that has a block heater in it! :D
I can't wait for it to get warmer. Smoking a cigarette outside at work sucks in this weather. It also sucks when I am outside for like seconds and like instantly freeze in this 10 degree or less weather that feels 20 degrees colder than it is.