Best Swap For 96 Seden Civic Ex

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I just buy a 4dr civic with 125 000m, I want to change the moteur and I want to know what is the best.

I already think to CRV block And Sir or gsr head or complete GSR. I want to put a little turbo (80hp)

What can I do
Do you have the money to get into the kind of work your talking about?The crvtec is a potent engine,in a Four door you'd appreciate it.
Yes, I have the money to make that, but I dont know wath is the best with a turbo.

And how can estimate the power of crv block and sir head ...?
Calesta had basicly that set up minus turbo on his four door civic. It is not as easy as just throwing the head on the block. You have to totally rebuild the bottom end to withstand the high revs that VTEC likes. What you just decribed is going to cost you 7 thousand.
yes I know

I can have the 99 crv block for 800$ (can) and the modification cost aproximatly 300$(can) just for the block
I would just get a NOS kit, and blow the motor before you put a new motor in. It's worth that with the enjoyment factor!