Best Way To Go?

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My brother in law has a Contour SVT, and I have a stock CRX HF, i was wondering what would be my best way to go to be able to beat him in the quarter... first i thought of a B16a but then i figured that that would be to complicated and to expensive... next I thought about either the ZC with Si Trans that swapps directly in or this .... (the link on hondaswap where you use DX heads, and SI Intake and trans , ect.) i know the ZC would be faster but the other one will be cheaper and easier... all i want to do is be able to beat this contour cuz i used to have a Corsica and he used to make fun of it on how it was slow... so now i got this newer CRX i wanna race him sometime over the summer and beat him... he runs i think 15.4 or around there... well thanks for your replys
I have about 1200 to spend on this setup... <_<
if your only goal is to beat him smawp in the Zc with the ZC tranny but if u use the zc tranny u will have to use INteg axles unlike the Si and u also need to change out ur knuckels so keep that in mind for any swap you do, im here in SoCal and in my old setup i ran the zc motor with the zc tranny and i pulled off a 14.3 fully gutted and on slicks one thing thing though im at low elevation at the track i ran so i dont know how hgh you are so u might be a bit slower..if u realy want to beat him bad just do a zc swap and squeeze a 50 will really kill him that way..i remeber at teh street races with my zc dx with a si tranny i had at the time i would brake SVT contours off..but not by a whole lot..maybe like 2 cars...