Big Problem

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i have just completed my b-20 swap in my 94 cx. i am using an LS ecu. the car will start with no problems at all, but when i accelaerate it dies. if i accelerate real slow it will do alright, but when i accelerate normal to hard it will die. itis not at all drivable.

i am getting an o2 sensor code but that is it. i dont have my 02 sensor hooked up so it was not a big suprise. i have driven plenty of cars without 02 sensors and they just run really lean.

someone please offer advice
You have to hook up the o2 sensor, mine did the same thing before i hooked it up.
do it before you burn out your catalytic convertor.

write with any more probs u have, sounds like ur having some of the same problems I did.