Black Ice aka my Rex : LS-vtec Build thread

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So... I found a pretty fresh LS block yesterday for 200 bucks on CL, and scooped it up before really thinking about it too much.

Looking for a GSR head, and tranny+lsd for starters... And mounts...

Possibly a full uncut engine wiring harness too. That is if there exists such an item anymore.

Also I plan on turbo'ing it in the future. But not until much later this year.

I got the call to come back into work after my 2 month 'vacation' and gonna be back at it hooking up my Rex.

I thought I was gonna get laid off again, and right as I was thinking the worst my boss called and said to be there 5:45 am next Monday.

I was running out of money lol So I was beginning to freak out a bit...

The engine in it has high miles, but still has alot of good parts, so when I rip the fucker out I'll let everyone know what all D16A6 parts I'm gonna sell off.

Then again it will probably just sit in my shed like all the other shit I've hoarded over the years!

Anyways, you guys... I'm just warning you, there will be a massive amount of questions that I'll have.

I will make sure I don't ask something that's been covered a million times, because I do read the FAQ's.

Right now I just need to accumulate the parts needed.

I have some great help too. My buddy Tim is an ASE certified mechanic, and was a mechanic in the Army.

He doesn't freaking drink anymore though... So it may be a little harder to enlist his help since he neutralized my only bargaining chip.

Begin Phase 1! :D
haha All I have is a shabby looking ls block.

I only say it's shabby because when it was rebuilt in 03 they painted it blue, but its all chipped off and shitty looking.

When I get it more together I'll post pics though. I promise ;)

One thing I will be working on while getting my parts together is fixing the storage compartment door...

As usual some jackass let someone sit back there and/or stacked groceries, etc. on it and basically destroyed it.

I'm thinking about making a carbon fiber panel for it from scratch... It would be cool to see since, well.. I just haven't yet seen one in cf yet. The back piece that stands upright will probably get the cf too.

The cargo cover surprisingly is in great shape. Gonna sell it and make a cf version of it as well, just to make it all match right.

Who wants a set? I also want to make an armrest, and fix the vinyl on my door panels since those are also fucked.

Just the vinyl potions though. I'm gonna take the vinyl off, smoothe over the plastic underneath (because it has a texture to it) and then.... you guessed it, cover the section in carbon fiber.

I figure fixing up the interior while building the motor will help me be patient and take my time with it.

Anyways this motor being dropped in there is still a ways off, so don't get all excited. When there's any major developments, you guys will be almost the first to know it.

The first of course being my buddy and I, and my neighbors who obviously HATE the sound of a bee's fart.

They tripped the fuck out yesterday when I was revving the engine lol I really was just doing it to spite them...:ph34r: