Bleh! New thing to wrench on!

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Got a free parts car! I think since this makes 4 ef hatches I should start putting a few together. It's another 90 si unfortunately its wrecked..
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Yes sir! It was a local kids.. sadly a few months ago (before the previous owner fell asleep at the wheel) it was a decent little hatch.
Drivers seat wear spot gone! :)

Ended up getting a b18b1 stuffed in.
Drove it hard every day.
Spun bearing.
Sat for about a year.
Recently started really missing it.
Time to get it AT LEAST up and running again!
Well, hiya fellas! I don’t think that B20 from JDM Engine Depot even had valve seals left in it. It ran for a few months like a fog machine, and I then I had some fun and blew it up. The car sat for a couple of years, with me randomly starting it to hear the rod knock and holding it to limiter until one rod-knocking rev limiter run up the driveway ended with the diff exploding. About 6 months ago, I finally found a transmission and grabbed another B20 from a U-Pull-It, and I’ve been falling back in love with the turd. No real plans on doing much aside from enjoying driving it and some tinkering here and there. The paint had turned to dust, so I cleaned it up and hit it with some flat black turbo cans for the time being, but hey, at least it’s not rotting away.