bogus performance tips??

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hmm, lets try running with out an air filter/exhaust...

that sounds like a bad idea to me, plus they only got (or they claim) 14 whp from that
We have seen people usea cardboard box to "fabricate" a duct that directs the incoming air into the engine.
uhhh yeah you do see that a lot :beer: i hope he was drunk so he can blame that comment on something
Bigger? No. Sometimes they WILL become incorrectly gapped. But making it travel further will not increase power or momentum.
"The extra momentum of the running long jumper allows him to go farther just as the extra distance to the electrode allows the spark to gain momentum and generate more power."
What, does this guy have no concept of basic physics? So, apparently the longer electricity has to travel, the more speed it picks up. Hmm. Therefore, the momentum (mass x velocity) of the mass-less electrons apparently helps the spark generate more power.
I wouldn't believe a fart out of this guy's ass.
hehe. and he's not even close is he.
with a bigger gap you'd need a better ignition system
electricity doesn't like to flow very nicely thru air either.
The guy is a fucktard
That's with a turbo kit. Not very surprising. If I invested 5-10 grand on my motor and turbo, I don't want to risk it by running without an air filter.

Hey, maybe we could get fuel flowing to the engine faster by removing the fuel filter too. While we're at it, we could get rid of the pesky intake manifold too, and just take in air the shortest distance possible.
best site for performance parts ever --->here
i got the cross drilled brake lines and the motor block oil bypass kit ... the performance gains were pretty impressive... im thinking of picking up the heavy duty clutch belt ... ive heard i'll be able to launch at like 8k with that
That Kale site is awesome. Bookmarked for later...

All those performance tips are actually pretty good except the spark plug regapping... if you have the ignition to drive it then yes- you can get a larger spark and better conbustion, but that's not universal.

Removing the exhaust system DOES help on a turbo car, since the turbo is your main exhaust restriction... but it doesn't help much on a NA car, especially when you're dumping an aftermarket exhaust system.

Intake- I actually HAVE seen cars running without the headlight in front of the intake area, and using cardboard to act as an air ram to increase air volume and velocity into the intake manifold. Think about it- it works. On the track, ghetto is ok if it works well. On the street... well... I'll be using your cardboard air ram as a urinal.