Build B20B


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I want anyone to help me,i build B20B Block and GSR head,i want to know how much the hp,i want to know this engine is good or no.thx


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Originally posted by 94CivicSlow@Jul 3 2005, 03:04 PM
Go to the dyno and find out. The motor is only as good as who built it, so who knows
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i am from egypt and didn't have dyno in egypt.


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I've read about B20/vtec's making 220-230 hp to the wheels NA. (Naturally Aspirated). I'm sure if you ask anyone, they'll tell you to go for it.


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I am sure that doing requires much building of the engine internals. Once this is completed, this combo is easily the most potent "engine swap" due to the torque and hp numbers.

I think you will need.
better than b20
connect rods
and pistons and such