Building Ls for Boost

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No one thread has all the info you need. Just keep readin around and you'll find all the info you need.
Pay attention to detail in your first build. Little things can make or break your build. I've had my pan off probably close to 15 times checking things and making sure nothing has gone horribly wrong in the bottom end. My motor has less than 40 miles on it so far. Paranoid I may be, but I sleep well knowing that the next time I take my car out, it'll run great.
Yea I am sooooo worried about building it myself. I want that pride of building it myself its just I don't want to invest all this money and then destroy it on the start up.
Your best bet is to grab a spare motor that you have lying around (if any) and pull it apart and re-assemble it a few times. Even if it's a single cam, or completely unrelated to your engine, just do it. Trust me, being familiar with your engine is the first step to doing this right. If you can verify a problem before it begins to destroy things inside your engine, you are one step ahead of the game.

The hardest part about building one of these is the bearing clearances. Use OEM Honda bearings for your build. Make sure you take your time and measure out the clearances. Be extremely anal about this portion. These engines are a lot more sensitive to small flaws in clearances than your typical engine.
Yea the motor I am about to build is complete and out of the car. How do you go about checking clearance on the bearing. Is there anything else to look for? Thanks
I'm Stoked

So today I bought a completely built b16a2 block.

-84mm bore
-darton sleeves
-acl race bearings
-cp 9:1 pistons
-manley rods
-blueprinted and balanced

also picked up an a2 head a few days ago with a p28. and got a gt3255e turbo :)

So I think I'm ready to go just got pick up little things here and there. Shoot me any comments about that build I should look out for. Thanks for any help from former people posting. Ill keep you guys posted.
If its not even broke in, why did the owner get rid of it?
he got a built c1 for cheap. and decided to sell it. the block has 44k and 400 give or take mostly idling cuz it was obd2 and had probleming with tuning.