Can you take a second to help my students out?

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What's up everyone! I know I haven't posted in a minute but things are good on my end. Teaching Engineering and Tech. Ed. virtually for two semesters now has been a challenge. I am wondering if you could spare some time and take on or all of the following surveys. Students are collecting data on their individual projects to validate them and justify spending time trying to solve the. Please keep in mind this is their first attempt at collecting mass data from participants so the surveys may not be as polished as you might expect. Also please keep in mind they are all High School Seniors so keep the responses on the up and up. Thanks in advance!

I am wondering if you all could help my Engineering Design and Development students with their initial research survey on the following topics.

Boat storage and moisture issues

Lost or stolen mail (mail security)

Alarm clocks and over sleeping

Cold hands, glove use, hand protection

If you want to see what our kiddos are up to take a look here in the archives sections.
Thanks! Yeah I always find it interesting the questions and categories teenagers come up with. One year a group of kiddos was shocked that 50% of their respondents who mowed their own lawn were literally floored them that women mowed lawn.
Not gonna lie, I'm pretty surprised by that number as well.
My mom would mow if it needed doing, but my OL doesn't do jack shit outside.
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I'm going through these and they're funny.

I'm assuming since its an engineering class, you're working with HCD and all that fun? Amazing way to engineer solutions to problems.