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I am starting to get a little bit of money for more mods (little over a thousand) and before i start making my car go fast as hell i want a little bit of secutity. I want to get a car alarm that has Keyless entry, will be simpile, have auto shut off after the alarm is on for more than X amount of time, and not cost too much. What does everyone suggest

The other thing that i was wondering is there anyway to put something on my top (remember i have a sol) that will activate the alarm if it gets like 20 ft from my car. (IE someone stealing my top)

Another reason why i want a alarm is so that i can get a discount on my insurance
i have an avital alarm in my sol and it works fine

as for the top, you can set the alarm incredibly sensitive so if someone touches your car it will go off

it seems like almost everyone here has a del sol, i used to think they were the rarest
They are kinda rare (only see like two other ones on a weekly basis) del Sols are like affordable/ecconomical exotics.

I dont want to have the alarm that sensitive, (i work at a golf course/country club so the rich people dont like the little imports with alarms going off all the time) would there be anyway to put like a small sensor in the top so that when the top is so far away from the car it goes off? Also, when i park my car for school, i have to park it on a sidestreet because our school is gay and has like no parking spots in its lot. That said, i would have a lot of keyed marks for the locals if my alarm kept on going off with every passing car while i am in class. I basicly want a alarm that goes off when someone opens my door without deactivating the alarm and wont turn on when the alarm is on.
DEI alarms are the way to go. They make viper, sidewinder, avital, and some others. They are really good alarms. And I wouldnt recommend making your setting on your alarm really sensitive. Because if you do that anything will set your alarm off, thunder, bass, exaust, a animal, etc. What you can do is put a motion detector in your car. The set back is depending on where its pointed... since the del sol is so small someone walking by your window may set it off.

What you can do, i dont know if its ever been done.. But put a small pin switch where your top sits. For example, if your alarm is set and the pin switched is pushed in. If someone tries to jack it, the pin pops out and sets the alarm off. A lot of people usually put the pin switch in trunks and under the hood.

Ive never heard of someone jackin a top?? I thought you had to get in the inside and unlock them. Are they easy to steal or are you just taking extra precaution?
Not to knock your alarm that can identify people near your car, but those can quickly become annoying. Imagine people just walking by and it trips and goes off. I think a good alarm system is an ear piercing one when the door opens and a kill switch. Course, this is just my opinion. I thought about getting one that goes off when someone is near it, but my friend that had one said the damn thing would go off even if a dog walked by. ;)
When I was twelve, I wired an alarm to my door in my room. I just had a set of two magenetic door mounts that Radio Shack sells. You mount one on the door and the other on the outside door jam so they line up with about 1\4" gap. When you open the door, the magnets fall and complete a circuit that causes an alarm to go off. Use that principle with the del sol top.
get an autopage... its pretty decent... very loud...
Ive got a viper on my sol, wired with a proximity sensor. I havnt had any problems with it being set off by unwanted sources. It also kills the ignition, and goes off when the doors or trunk are open. I dont really think youll need anything on the top, if its in the trunk, youll have an alarm there when the trunk is open, and if they get far enough into your car to steal the top, i think thats the least of your worries. My alarm setup works well for me.
You will want a security system with a proxemity sensor like previously mentioned. Personaly, I like Clifford alarms and have one in my car and had one in my previous vehicle. I do like the DEI alarms also (Viper, Python, Wasp, Avital, Valet, and Clifford's Matrix line) The main thing is to have a quality install, check to see if the installer is MECP certified and if possible talk to someone who has had something installed by them.