2014 - that's all folks!

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So it's that time of year again... i'm actually a few days late on this one this year. Normally we do a 'year in review' type thread, but the past couple years it hasn't garnered much interest... so, I'm going to instead be a complete sap.

2014 is just about in the books.

It's been another crazy year on and off line for most of us. We've all watched it unfold in front of us as we shared a little bit of our lives with the e-friends we've become on here almost the past decade and a half.

Yup, 2015 marks the start of the 14th year this place has been running having officially re-re-opened the doors in 2002 after a couple failed attempts in 1999 as East Coast del Sol before deciding that there were only like 5 other people on the east coast that cared about modding del sol's at the time. Ha! There's even a link to my 'start up' that never started in the footer, B&B Web Design
Maybe it was because I was the only B....

2002.... I was working overnights with @corvetteguy78 and post whoring on here when i wasn't mastering my mini putt skills. @|Chaz| and @GlassHeadlights were both still in grammar school. @civicious was just starting to flip and burn cars (sorry). Angry Bear showed up, owned j000, disappeared, and still beats out just about everything in his mom's Camry but little will ever top Bubb Rubb for old school laughs.

And we all had Honda's.

Oh how the times have changed.

We've grown up. Some of us bought houses, had babies, finished school and started the first real job, and a few new faces have become regs around here this year, although not many. We upgraded vehicles. @dilbeckskate bought and sold enough for the rest of us anyway. We've had some relationship problems and acted as a peer support group for each other to help a brother out when they were down. Sometimes, that means even more than you know.

As I get older and look back on the good old days, it makes me smile. I've had the opportunity to do a lot of cool shit with a lot of cool people. I've had the pleasure of making some good friends in real life, and no matter what ever happens to this place down the road, we will still be friends. I know other groups/regional get together's probably feel the same way. The Washington state crew with @get_nick @chadcharb @BigJ and a few others even golf together. GOLF! We want from boosting cars to wearing the most awful patterns ever printed on a pair of shorts! Texas gathers, Florida has before, and i think a few of the md guys have as well. I encourage you all to make some friends out there. drive an hour or two and shoot the shit.

Be safe, don't get a DUI by being a dumbass and drinking and driving. Wear a rubber. Unless your're @jamesA . Do everything you can to knock her up bro...

To the entire mod team who VOLUNTEER to assist with spam and other general housekeeping duties and never receive anything for their hard work, thank you again for your help. We'd all be rich from Uncle Zitar in Zimbabwe with uncontrollable erections lasting more than 4 hours if it weren't for you guys. @BrutalB83 @phunky.buddha @Bob Vila @E_SolSi @eg6sir @reikoshea @invisibledemon @Matts96HB @99sidude @Jeef @90 accord @CRX-YEM

Too many other people to tag by name in here, but know that I appreciate each and every one of you who come here day after day and keep this place alive. This place is nothing without you.

So, here's to you, and here's to me, and if we should ever disagree, i'll ban you. :)

See you (f)uckers next year. Happy 2015.

I like this site soo much, and all the work you do to keep it here, that I wont be sending you a bill for the hours Ive spent here. Youre welcome.

Im ready for a new year. This last one was pretty uneventful, and it looks like the next one may be the same. But, we'll see what happens.
I was waiting for B to say "and on that note I'm shutting down the site"...

If only I was special enough to make the VIP list
Everything I wanted to post about you would have moved the thread to NWS.... so i decided against it :)
I was waiting for the shut down too. Glad it's not though. Still a regular, still driving a Honda, hope to mod one one day, but currently I really should get my 66 on the road. Then again most of the guys here could probably help me with that too.
Thanks for all that you do, B!

I came here as an immature, clueless 15 year old. I like to think that I'm a little more mature now :) and at least part of that is thanks to this community. My new job should net me the ability to catch a flight out to meet some of you guys!
Woo I got a shout! Happy new years everyone! Still love this site!
ACC--Best job ever...Thanks for always giving me access to the internet...overnight shifts sucked.....I did own you in mini putt though....

o yeah who was that other guy who worked with you, I always forget his name ...
dave. haven't seen him since
dave. haven't seen him since

DAVVVVEEEEEE....yeah my guess is that he is either a Network Admin for some corp. or living in his parents basement playing COD 24/7 on Obamacare. He didn't seem like he knew what he was doing, at least not as much as you did anyway.
thats pretty bad since B isnt a network admin. he's a programmer. MAKIN COPIESSS
Man. This year flew by. The most impactful year in my life so far.

Did anyone accomplish their new years resolutions?
This is the only place I visit just about every day. on the days I don't visit its normally because I don't have access to the internet. I have learned a helluva lot from this place. About 2% of it actually involves Honda.

Man. This year flew by. The most impactful year in my life so far.

Did anyone accomplish their new years resolutions?

I joined a gym yesterday. Better late than never? I also wanted to do a semi organized ride on my push bike as well. I did a 30 mile charity ride this summer and rode a bit more for 2014;1369 miles vs 725 miles in 2013.

Happy new years to all you guys, be safe tonight.
Man. This year flew by. The most impactful year in my life so far.

Did anyone accomplish their new years resolutions?

Yeap....the typical "loose weight" from last year...I've managed to loose and keep off about 18lbs through better decisions eating and portion control and steady exercise routine of some sort.