Car Wont Rev Up

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i have a 92 civic hatch with a b16a1, the car ideals fine but it wont rev up. i have a chiped p28 and a 92 gsr distributor. any idea on what it can be?
u need to give more detail
the car wont rev up at park? driving ? or when its under load? or when u punch it?
so you are running OBD1, which chip? who chipped it?

you can't rev it at all?? can't rev past 3500??

if you can't go past 3.5K then you are in limp mode.. you have a bunk ECU. more details
the car wont rev up at all i try to rev it up at idel and it falls on its face, i wont rev up at all no matter what. i just put the motor in and i started iy up i ides fine but it wont rev. i have a chiped p28, it was chiped by locashraceing. everything is hooked up and pluged in except for the vtec oil pressure switch. i have no clue what it can be.
it wont stall it will putter and back fire, but i did change my throttle position sensor and now i am thinking that maybe that has something to do with it maybe the ecu isnt reading the right voltage
if this motor wont even rev to 2500 rpm
u need to double check spark wire fireing order..
before u did swap did u have a motor running in the vechile(trying to figure if u got contamed fuel)

if ur friend around have a map senor u need to try theres (could have bad map )
make sure you installed the TPS sensor correctly, if you didnt, then the ECU does not know how much fuel to give your motor at the correct Throttle Positions, Ill bet that this is your problem, one time i did a swap, on a 4th gen DX, and i forgot to switch the two outer wires on the TPS sensor, and the ecu thought the car was at WOT when it was Idleing and idleing when it was at WOT, at around 3500 RPMs, it would just about stall and then it would lunge out of it, just make sure your TPS is installed Correctly, then get back to us.

yea, i have a feeling that its the TPS too. i had the stock motor in the car first and it ran fine. so its simple trouble with wiring.
it won t be the tps unless u guys mess with the wireing.
u can unplug the tps and run the car (don t need tps to rev)
its probaby the map sensor try swaping it with a known good one.
i finnaly figuerd it out and got my car running good, i had the wrong connector hocked up to the IAC. i swaped the connector and hocked up the vtec oil pressur switch and the car runs beautyfuly. now i just have to brak in the new moter.