Carb To Fi

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This is guy at my work is selling a '87 civic. Its carb, has about 150K miles, and the body has not dents but only needs a paintjob. How hard would it be to put a b16a in it or would this be a waste of time? He only wants $150 for it.
Its a big pain in the ass. You not only have to change pretty much all of the wiring, you also have to convert to a pressurized fuel system which is a drag. If you want it for a beater, that's cool, but unless you have a lot of experience working on cars, don't expect to be able to do this project.
I didnt think about the pressurized fuel. So I would probably have to change the gas tank and all the fuel lines. I can probably handle the wiring with help from a helms. What about the engine swap? Do I need aftermarket motor mounts or will the B-series work? I know I will need a cable tranny. What ecu should I use and engine wire harness? Will I have to change out the interior wire harnesses? I guess it will cost about the same if I just wait and find a 4th gen hatch. I havent looked at the car yet but I probably wont get it.

Thanks makes beautiful mounts that will drop a B into a 3g/1g. Once you do the rewire (be aware that the rewire will more than likely require the complete removal of the stock harness and installation of the newer harness), you can use the stock ECU (p28 I think). If you like the car, go for it. They are VERY light, it'll be a fun car to toss around, I just personally don't like the way they look.