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Hmm. I have no grasp of reality... but they're sampling Civic owners who don't modify cars and drive them like idiots. Let's see what happens if I post the same answers with different cars:

Toyota Camry (what I'm driving right now):

Mazda B series pickup (one of the cars I'm trying to buy as a beater):

Mazda RX-7 (closest to RX-8 that I'm seriously considering to buy soon):

Nissan 300ZX (closest to 350Z, another serious consideration for purchase):

Lexus GS300 (closest to IS300, another potential blah blah blah):

Honda Civic CRX (another beater potential):

Audi A4 (another possible new purchase):

Volkswagen Jetta (what my parents just bought, that's why I have the Camry):

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (what Katie wants as a project car):

Nissan 200SX (old roommate's car, his is turbo, I really like it too):

Honda CR-V (my engine block is from here, why not):

Geo Metro (I couldn't find a Yugo):

Chevrolet Celebrity (a wagon version of this was my second car):

Chevrolet Citation (this was my first car- what a piece of shit):

Austin Mini (closest to new Mini, Katie's potential new car):

Volkswagen Beetle (yup another new one for Katie):

Toyota Supra (if I got an IS300 it would more resemble a Supra):

Dodge Dart (yup my Dad drove one of these):

I guess that's good enough for now... here are my answers to the survey for reference:

Are you:

What is your age?
25-29 years

What is the highest educational level you have completed?
Graduated college

Last year, what was your total household income before taxes?
$40,000 - $69,999

If there were only two jobs in the world -- accountants and social workers -- I'd want to be an accountant.

Anyone who believes in "love at first sight" is headed for some big trouble.

In the supermarket, I frequently buy items that are on sale, even if they're not my preferred brands.

My vehicle is a mess; junk scattered everywhere.

When I see a dirty dish in the sink I usually wash it (or put it in the dishwasher) right away, rather than waiting to do it later.

I don't really care about what vehicle I drive; it's just a way to get from point A to point B.

Whether I admit it or not, I do believe that a person's vehicle is a reflection of who that person is.

It would drive me nuts being married to an artist-type.

Whitewater rafting and sky diving appeal to me.

If I had a choice of two free vacations, I'd choose the luxurious type of place rather than some exotic country where I'd spend most of the time exploring the local culture.

It is important to me to live in one of the nicer parts of town.

Yup, I'm crazy for submitting so many times.... but it's so easy to just hit "back" and select another car. :lol:
Werd....lmao at CRX-Yem's, they suggest a Plymouth Duster for his cheap-ass.

Edit : Well, mine is up, and they tore me a new one <_<
yeah, funny thing is I never thought of myself as cheap, maybe a litttle bit of a bargain shopper. but no cheap.
come on who spends $300 on a pasporrt radar detector. and is cheap