catch yourself on fire...

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kinda old but...
smoooth lol what a dumbass...and that flag only has like 20 stars on it LOL take a history lesson.
i think the rest is folded over that stick. look at the tip of the stick. its not a flagpole... its just a flag hung over a stick so he had to overlap it... i think ?
That is not actually an American Flag, it only has 10 stripes. The real one has 13. I find it amusing that he was dumb enough to light the flag with gasoline on his arm like that. Stupidity bought him the 3rd degree burns, not burning an American flag. He has the right to burn one just like you or I should have the right to burn one. What is a flag? It is a stupid peice of fabric with designs, it is an icon. Icons should not be worshiped, it is the idea that icon stands for that is important. They can burn the flag all they want, but they will never destory the ideals of freedom and equaility it stands for.

On a slightly different tangent, just because he burns a flag does not make him a terrorist. A little logic here, we know that he is burning a flag (p), but we do not know if he promotes the use of violence to achieve his political agenda (q). In this case p !=> q.
That's the point of a "symbol". Since he can't actually light the United States on fire, he's lighting a flag. It's good enough for me. I'd pull his intestine out his nose if I had the chance.
No man, let them burn the flag, who does it hurt? No body. I would rather they burned a thousand flags then pulled another stunt that killed thousands of people. Besides it's not even the real flag, it is missing 3 stripes.
OK I agree with that. But I think that, for anyone that burns a flag inside the country, it would be simple:

A black van drives up to his house, and he gets thrown into it. A larger black truck then pulls up to his house and packs up all his shit. Soon afterward, he finds himself in a random-chosen foreign country with all his boxed-up shit. I'm a firm believer in the "If You Don't Like It, Get The Fuck Out" Policy.

There are better (and more mature) ways of expressing displeasure over being butt-hurt than burning a flag.
Sure, personally I see no reasons to burn the flag. It has been used by so many extremists and crazies that once you burn one nobody take you seriously. It is hopeless to get a message across once you have burned a flag. I would suggest that anyone interested in burning a flag to express displeasure should write a letter to thier congressman or an editorial to thier local paper first. At least there people will give you a chance without blowing you off as just another nutbar.

If burning a flag lets these people think that they sent their message to the USA without killing people, then let them burn a flag.
yes, let them burn themselves, i mean flags :p and lsvtec, you need to recount those stripes ;)
actually, burning a flag isnt always a bad thing.

When you retire a flag, there is a ceremony in wich you burn the flag. Of couse it is folded properly into the triangle shape and all.

then there is burning it like that dude. Look at his sleeve, to me it looks totally soaked :lol: what a dumbass