Cheap LS/VTEC?

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people rip you off on shipping. i hate that shit... they mark prices down then overcharge on shipping.. it should be illegal.

it's less than like 50 to ship a head and less than 100 to ship a block.. its ridiculous
The problem is the head is in JAPAN... d00d don't pay to ship a head from Japan... I'm SURE you can find one in the US.
um.. dude, i think that is a pre 94 block due the they style of the valve cover. I could be wrong tho, just call me a fucktard.
That is not a gen 2 LS, the front motor mount is in the wrong spot to be a gen 2. There is no such thing as a cheap LSVTEC that doesn't detonate.
its crazy to buy disassembled heads from foreign businesses. unless the source is very reliable or you can inspect everything yourself you're asking for trouble.

ask yourself this questions, why was it taken apart?

it could be warped, valves could be damaged, etc...and the guy is clearly an idiot saying the camshafts are 170hp camshafts?

increased power is due mainly to higher compression and better gasoline in japan, not the difference in cams between b16a's.

buy a vtec head locally, or email me and i can find you a swap for a decent price.
:werd: I think I'll just buy my B18C1 OBD1 for 2900 shipped.