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eww that is a terrible way to spend money on a car. that body kit and taillight conversion look terrible. the guy also prolly wasted close to 8 grand on that paint job.
that shit just flat out sucks ass ... nothing about that car looks right... the body lines dont flow at all the paint looks like hell cuz the body doesnt flow for shit... the headlights dont fit with the car at all ... the tail lights look like ass cuz of the color difference due to not matching the other lines... that hood is just :ghey: the wing on the back is :ghey: the fron bumper is very :ghey: the rims are ok but guilt by assosiation kicks in and even they look :ghey: on that car ... i think im gunna go :puke: now
yes for show on the right car with smooth flowing lines the color is very cool .... BUT .... that specific car looks like shit with it on there ... its like the 96 corvette that i see all the time with that paint ... its not a smooth flowing car so pannels just look like they have been painted different colors... kinda like that VW golf that they sold for a while ..... just cuz something is cool doesnt mean its cool on everything ... do i need to remind you of the "supra wing" or "altezzas"?????
the front sure as hell doesnt flow
but i am a skyline addict and love the look of R33 tails on damn near anything.

paint is :ghey:
rims are :ghey:
spoiler is :ghey:
head lights are :ghey:
but the tails :wub: :worthy:
the skyine lights look gayy no offence smokeyboy...
$50,000 in paint
$20,000 in body kits and wings
$10,000 on interior shit
$5,000 on wheels/tires/suspension

getting beat by a stock civic cx, priceless.
you forgot the $1000plus that he spent on an air filter, exhaust pipes and a muffler hehe

lets see, that comes to $86,000!!!!! he could have bought and built a skyline. sad.
uhhh b... i dont know what kind of crack they serve up in your area but no way no how is that paint gonna cost anywhere NEAR that much. you can get a chrome illusion paint job by the man himself here for anywhere between 3 and 5. no offense dude but that number was way off. and what i wanna know is what in the fuck is up with the toggle switches and shit? its not a fuckin space shuttle. :ghey: