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ANy one know a good site that walks you through the whole clutch replacement process? Or could n e one describe it for me? If so that would be a big help cuz i have enuff money to machine the fly wheel and buy the clutch.
just get a Haynes or Chilton manual. I did it on my little brother's 91DX HB last week WITHOUT a manual. took about 6 hrs, went pretty smooth. First honda clutch I've ever done.

1.remove: battery&tray & airbox& intake piping(makes access easier), CV axles, tranny mount bolts, tranny-to-eng bolts

2.disconnect: clutch cable, rev. light connector, speedo cable eng& tranny from below

4.lower tranny from car

5.replace clutch assy and release bearing

6.installation is reverse of removal.

I got a Exedy (Daiken) cluth kit off eBay for 75 brand new. Entire job cost under 100.

What about the flywheel? did u machine it l? THat is one thing i have to do plus i think i might lighten my factory flywheel. Thanks for the help
Our flywheel wasn't grooved bad plus our time was limited, so we didn't machine it, though we did remove the glaze with emory cloth. If you have it machined/lightened, just make sure you go to a shop that has done them before and knows how much metal to remove.
so if the flywheel isnt grooved to bad you can just wipe the glazing off? WHat is an emory cloth and is that the best thing to use?