Coilovers Installation

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:spin: I've tried installing coilovers on my Honda CRX SI, when I let the car down on the ground both struts rise up about an inch underneath the hood where they mount and I can't close the hood. I know that the parts are right. Could this happen because my shocks are shot or am I doing something wrong?
You did remember to reinstall the upper mount on the shocks, right? And the upper bushings are in the strut mounts? Do you have any pics??
are these full coilovers or sleeves? if they are sleeves and u took apart the shocks, make sure u put everything back. sounds like u might have missed the silver washer looking thing (sorry dont know the technical name) that goes about halfway down the shock piston. just a thought
That sleave doesn't matter that much. I left mine out once on accident, but there was no problem. I think he is forgetting the washer that fits on the tappered part of the strut rod.
ya thats wut i meant, obviously wasnt that clear ;) haha. i asked if used a sleeve (like ground control) cause that would require him to take apart the shock, and could have forgot to put the washer back. versus if he threw in a full coilover (like zeal). but i agree that washer seems to be the culprit.