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im looking at coil overs for my 95 eg , if i could afford a 1200-2000 dollar set of coilovers i wouldnt be asking this but i cant so i have 300 to spend on them. my top choice so far is skunk2 500 lbs front 400 rear. ground control i dont know much about but they are an option too, im not sure of any other than those cheap ass brospeed or whatever there called. i already have shocks so i just need the coil over. one option is a set of tein springs instead. i would like a decent handling car
thoughts. thanks guys
ground controls are the better choice. better quality and designed better. i had em on my 97 Civic coupe and they were really nice. the arospeed ones suck, had those on my 90 Civic hatchback. crappy build and to adjust em was a bitch.

GROUND CONTROL is my answer :)
eibach sportlines and kyb agx thats the best..........
i would say to save your money.

My recommendation would be to go with what i have or similar (spring rates). 450 front 600 rear. If you're going to do coilovers, don't waste your money until you can afford struts to match your spring rates (double-valve your struts for anything past 475-ish to avoid wearing them out prematurely) and to get your chassis corner-weighted, with you in the car, and an alignment (0 degrees toe, with you in the car). You can look at the specs on my suspension and see that I went for an around-the-town stomper setup, which is still stable and predictable on the interstate. I'm positive this car would handle 1 G + on a skidpad, and handles like an lint roller on the back-roads. I would budget about $1800 (pay attention to specs when you go cheaper) to do everything right.... corner-weighting is really what suspension should be designed for. And from watching others in the AutoX, I personally would rather have more spring rate in the rear than in the front, and take out the rear anti-sway bar. The point of a suspension is to first keep the tires on the road. I see too many cars in the autox "rolling over" on the tires. With my setup, you may lift your inside rear tire in a turn, but only under harsh, predicted, braking maneuvers... and it won't interrupt your line or roll over on the sidewall. I've seen Civics with higher spring rates in the front come out with similar times, but elevated protesting from the tires and chassis.

you can see all i've done 95Civic <---

IMO, the best way to get double-valved struts would be to get the Koni yellows (single-valved, single-adjustable), and send the set(s) back to the factory for additional valving. You'll be left with double-valved, single-adjustable strut(s). I only did my rear struts, to avoid wearing them out with the 600 springs. If you need any tips on corner weighting, suspension tuning, etc, LMK.

hope this helps.... sorry for the long rant.
i would save 300 more and for 600 i can get you a fully adj sex from obx they sell for 1100 i have a set they are very nice for obx?
Originally posted by cracing@Dec 30 2002, 08:49 PM
for 600 i can get you a fully adj sex from obx

can i get some too?!?!?!

damn thats a good deal!

but umm seriously, typos aside- OBX is worth about the same as a bag of dog shit. the only diffefence is the bag.
Ground control SUX! i had a pair of those on my integra and i had to get a new freakin fender b/c of those pieces of shit. it broke in half, get skunk 2, thats what i have now. much better
? The SPRING broke in half? Even if it did, your shock would still be again was it the spring's fault?
Go With Ground Controls all the way have them on my 5G Hatch with Tokicos the work great. They come with quality Eibach springs and they are very easy to adjust
Originally posted by Arpee@Jan 1 2003, 03:28 AM
BluePearl integra Your prob was you only had a pair of ground control you need 2pairs LoL

now that's quality flaming :) LOL
u can save up a shit load more money and just buy a complete set like it did you can get the B&G full coilovers for 1065.00 love them so-far after 2 autox events they held up nice and the car handles freken great