Converting to Manual

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i have a Eg coupe that is currently a automatic i have been wanting to convert it for along time just never got along to it but i just picked up a b18 so i think its time... i was just wondering if anyone on here has done this yet and if they got any tips....if i use a cable tanny i dont have to run all the hoes and stuff for the clutch reserve do i?:confused:
well if you tranny is cable then no, no hoses because its not Hydrolic them can be a pain... Just make sure you get the proper mount set up for the EG :) Also I would recomend having the proper ECU and make sure it is compatiable with you car's dash such as the speed sensor, tacomitor, and any extra goodies ya have :D
yea im getting the ecu and the mounts came with the motor witch came out off another eg coupe
Sweet deal then, the mounts should work then so no worries along with the ECU :), the trans should be an easy as cake thing, just take your time oh and pictures are nice if you think of it, alot of people proably like that :)
lmao. I did that, and left my old auto cluster in the car was like im in park but im moving? rock on dude, lmao, I loved not having the switch in hehe!
ok i got a ? i went today to get a tranny and got it off way off and seen it was a doch d16a1 ??????????? i have never seen one before is this tranny the same as a b ser. :confused:
D-series transmissions do not work on b-series motors. The d16a1 is a less-aggressive d16a6 (CRX/Civic Si) transmission. You should be looking in newer Integras with b-series motors.
ill try and get pics i gotta find my cam lol..... and what do you mean by bypass the clutch switch ?:confused:

The engage ignition switch that you find in manuals(pres clutch to start). If you have a auto now chances are you have the switch you just need to wire it to the ecu or your car will think it's in gear and will not start.
I did the auto to manual swap with a hydro not a cable it was easy. eg's and ek's already have the firewall position set up for the hydro. I went to the junk yard and took the pedal, clutch master cylinder, reservoir, line and slave cylinder. direct bolt in into 97 ex. there was a rubber plug in the firewall that you pull out, plug in hydro done.