Crower Or Crane?

crower or crane?

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88 C1V1C 53D4N DR1V3R
these cams are going into an ls motor. just wondering which is better for an n/a motor. i was looking over the spec sheets the reference section and it looks like the crower have the shorter duration higher lift and the crane have the longer duration lower lift. i know not all of the cams are that way but for the most part.
this being said i have a head with mild porting and upograded springs and retainers to handle upto 10,000 RPM and .480 lift. this is going to be my daily driver too. thanks for any replies.
never mind, i think i took stupid pills this morning or something. if i was going to shell out $300+ for cams i might as well get a vtec head first.
VTEC = a fuel economy and performance compromise . . . non-vtec NA engines will lag til the cam is at its power band just as a vtec engine will lag til you hit the high lobes . . . $400 cams is much cheaper than building an LS/VTEC . .. :woo:
true but if i can get a vtec head for $400 wouldn't it be worth the extra dough to put it on my ls block?
Originally posted by saturn_boy96@Mar 4 2003, 03:44 PM
true but if i can get a vtec head for $400 wouldn't it be worth the extra dough to put it on my ls block?

yes it would :D

but if you were to try building an LS motor then i would say Crower Cams...
I agree, Crane cams are crap, I've had a couple of homie that put them on their cars and they did'nt like it. I would prefer the Crower's over the Crane's.
Originally posted by preluderjs@Mar 4 2003, 05:23 PM
All about Skunk 2 and Toda! :worthy:

for LS . . . non vtec . . . rrrrright . . .

anyway . . . i'm goin with the crower 62404 cams

and if you found a VTEC head for $400 thats the same price as the cams and there is a lot more needed to build a ls/vtec than just vtec head and an LS block
Crower over crane anyday....lsvtec, you don't even know what you would be getting into, the price for the two items don't even compare...