Crvtec Built.

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It's built.
OMFG that cost a lot (ouch)
now I have a question.
inbetween 3-4k rpm (without O2 sensors or mass flow sensor hooked up)
It will start chugging when u hammer on the gas.... like it wants more air or wants to die....
the idle is a little weird too, till it warms up.

I am going to have the O2 sensors installed next week (damn aftermarket exhaust header)
Will the absense of the sensors cause something like this?
should i just short the contacts?
or maybe use a resistor??
Anyone with extensive advanced CRVTEC knowledge please respond.

:worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:
It doesn't take extensive advanced knowledge to know. Yes, you need those hooked up. The mass air meter reads the air, tells the compute rhow much and the computer trys and get the a/f perfect. The o2 is read to also help with this. So, it can't read your air or exhuast, so its going "balistic".

Any guy with common car knowledge can answer that.
the O2 sensor is a complex 4-wire device.
Installing it helped with 97% of the chugging problem.
WOW I like crvtec, all I got to say is speed speed speed!!!

The powerband is all over the place, wherever and whenever at just about any rpm.
What people haven't said is what u get when you rev it up.... OOOooooooooooooo soo nice.

anyways thanks again.