crx engine swap?? please reply

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I am planning on getting a 1990 crx. As soon as i get the car i plan on putting in a ls b18 engine. What problems will i run into with this swap?
there will be some wiring involved, to get you car to MPFI (multi-point fuel injection), then converting to the ecu to OBD1 if you get a 94 or newer b18. It is a pain to go to OBD1 but in the long run i think that it is worth it so you can run something like hondata ( ).

other things that you may need,
-throttle cable mount (do not know if you actually need this)
-92 GSR upper radiator hose
-90 Integra lower radiator hose
you are probably going to want to change the timing belt, and the rest of the belts.
The clutch
and the water pump and thermostat.
if you want i have an Excel list that i am using for my b16a2 swap if you want i can send it to you it has everything needed, and you are planning a similar swap it sounds like. Just send me a PM.
Good Luck.
Basically you only have to convert to mpfi if the crx you are buying is a dx. Coverting to obd1 is not that hard. If the engine is a 92 or newer then go to obd1. Try to use the right ecu for the engine to aviod problems. To make life easier get a 90-91 integra engine. since it is obd0. If your crx is an si or an hf you will have very little if any wiring to change. You need to get a cable transmission for the car, which is a problem if you go with a 94+ integra tranny.
I'm getting the whole ls engine with tranny and ecu. So i wouldn't need to make the ecu obd1. The only work i need to do is make the ecu a vtec and make the fuel curve able to give enough fuel for turbo. Ho should i go about to make the ecu vtec? Can i use the ls tranny in a crx?
The ls motor is not vtec. You dont make the ecu obd1, you use an obd1 ecu if your engine is obd1. If the ls motor is 92-95 you will need wire it for obd1, or buy the obd0 ecu, an obd0 distributor, injectors, and a few misc. parts. DO some more research before you buy anything.
The car is going to be eitther a 1989 or 1991 but definitly a crx si. The engine i'm putting in the car is going to be a 92-95 b18b1 Ls engine. I know i am going to have some wiring problem because the engine obd1. I am looking for some one to send me to a website that shows how to do this set-up or shows a wiring diagram of crx engine harness and pin-outs to the ecu.
PM or email lelopez. He sells obd0-obd1 conversion harnesses. I bought mine from him. He should be able to help you or sned you in the right direction.