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I am going to be getting a 91 crx si finally. i want to turbo it. i have a friend who says that a crx will never beat her (yes her) 97 stock svt mustang. i hear that a b-16 is a good turbo swap. but i hear a b18c5 turboed is better. o swap masters what should i get and do to if not smoke her, or at least keep up?
well dude, both are good, of course the b18c5 is better to boost, its got 35 more hp stock and .2L more displacement. but its also alot more $$. i dunno if ur loaded money wise, if u are go nuts and get a turbo c5, id rather turbo a h22a for tht price tho and get suspension with saved $$. but if u are thinking of going b16a turbo then take a look at pissedoffsol's link in profile of LS/T vs VTEC/T for alot less $$ the LS/T will beat a 16a/T 90% of the time with similar mods.
turboing a B18C5 is counterproductive... the B18C5 is setup to be a bad ass NA engine... to turbo it you need to start removing stuff that you just spent the extra $$$$ to get... to run more than 6lbs of boost you will need to get lower compression pistons, different cams, if your going with a high powered turbo setup you will need to get rid of the tranny.... get a B18B or B18C1 youll be happier and youll waste less money