Crx Hf Wiring

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Hey guys i have a 89 hf i just bought and im trying to figure out the hacked up wiring. The plugs i need colors for are the three main plugs that come through the firewall (passenger side) its a 6 pin, 8 pin, and a round 14 pin. I dont need the colors for the 8 pin. If you could go take a quick look under the hood your help would be greatly appreciated. And ive looked at the online manual but its different.
thanks :D

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il check today and post my finding later on tonight or tomarrow i have a 88 hf stock wiring chilling out side of the car...ohh the car you ask..its an H22 CRX


no its jut an hf crx. i already got a response for the plugs i listed above but now i need the three ecu plug wire colors.
thanks :)