crx shell with h22

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how hard is it to fit a h22 turbo into a crx shell. i dont care if it is streetable or not. i want speed. what do i need to fit it in. i know a mount kit and wiring but how about the turbo set up. will i need to do a lot of fab work to get it in?? thanx
it is going to cost alot and will be a tight squeeze, you might even have to make the bay a little bigger

ps. i own the 14,000 post
i thought so but i dont really know what ill need. ill probably end up trailering it. if it is goin to be more hassel then its worth then ill do it in a 5th gen civic hatch. ;)
that doesnt sound like too much work for me. i really wanna do it in the crx. ill probably end up doin it. puttin a turbo on somehow and maybe a lil funny gas. ill have to research it a lot to see what i need. thanx!!
2nd i guess, i think they are easier to do the swap in. am i right?
probably, i have never seen a 1st gen with an H22. Then again i have not seen that many 2nd gens with H22s in them. That is why i say you should do it.
i dont know about the turbo??
ive seen a H22 ina REX and its TIGHT literally
no a/c ... p/s... battery in the trunk...

if you added a f-a-l fan and ultra slim radiator it should work..
Good luck. The H22 into the CRX is a very tight fit. It'll work, but it does require some engine bay 'reshaping'. If you want to fit a turbo in there, you're probably going to be cutting out some sheet metal.
i plan on cuttin the front end anyway. for a fiberglass front end. i hope to make it fit. if i get into it and find out i cant fit it with a turbo kit....ill juck the idea and go with a 5th gen civic hatch. hehe