Crx will not turnover or start

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My 91 Crx (b16a) will not turn over or start. Here's what's been checked.
1. Battery is good
2. Starter is good
3. Ignition switch is good
4. Starter relay is good, starter fuse is good
5. Battery ground is good
6. No spark from the distributor. I bought a new one and no spark from the new one either.
7. All wires are plugged in and connected.
8. Clutch switch is good
9. The oil level is where it's supposed to be on the dip stick
is the swap new or is this just a new bug that showed up?

Ef's have main relay problems, but usually they faze in (like car won't start when it's hot out)

for the dist, did you replace the whole thing? sometimes the screw falls out of the rotor...
No this not a new swap. I did this swap in November 2010. This started 2 years ago. It does this about twice a year. I replaced the whole distributor. I have 3 spare main relays, 3 spare ignition switches, and 3 spare starter relays. I know all of these parts can't be bad. It's done this 4 times before. I replaced all of the related parts. It still would not turnover or start. Then about 3 weeks later (without doing anything to the car)it would start up like nothing ever happened. I've never seen anything like this. There's no explanation for it.
Everything has been replaced on the car that can be replaced other than the engine. I have 2 good starters. They will not turn the engine when the key is turned. Both starters have the proper voltage when the key is turned. I have had both staters tested at autozone, & I have pulled both starters off of the transmission reconnected the wiring to them & both work when the key is turned. I have many spare parts. All of them are good. I've tried 4 different ignition switches, 4 main relays, 3 clutch switches, 3 starter relays, and a spare ecu. The engine has oil in it, & rotates when I turn the crankshaft with a wrench. Not sure how hard it's supposed to be to turn when turning by the crankshaft. It seems kind of hard to turn in my opinion but it turns. It turns very easy with the spark plugs out.
There's a few things that makes sense to me. One is you've got a frayed wire/bad solder point somewhere in your system. If it works fine a few weeks later and doesn't randomly fail I'd imagine it's somewhere between the key and starter, otherwise you probably would have been stranded on the side of the road at least once.

Otherwise grounds are the other thing and sometimes it can be as small as rust on the contact points.
I finally got the Crx to start after 8 months. The transmission ground cable was bad. It looks perfectly normal when looking at it. Both ends were bolted down tightly, no breaks in the wire, & no corrosion or rust. I added an extra ground wire. Bolted one end to the starter and the other end to the frame and it starts on every try now. I removed the extra ground wire that I added, and the problem was back. Next I replaced the transmission ground wire with a new one and now it starts up on every try.
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